Monday, February 19, 2018

Random Vigorousity

Interesting fact there was a rifle club in my mother's High School in the late 50's when she graduated. Also an archery club. In Brooklyn NY. What changed from then till now?

Guns didn't change.

Our society is and still degenerating into a politically correct and pussified state of chaos.

Political correctness will destroy this country.

The rise of mass shootings and terror attacks on our home soil is in direct relation to the rise in popularity of political correctness.

Political correctness puts feelings in front of American lives.

Political correctness and freedom cannot coexist.

Political correctness wants to regulate language and behavior.

Political correctness is a mentally ill mother.

Political correctness is Cultural Marxism or Cultural Communism.

Due your due diligence you might wake up from your politically correct coma.

The truth will never be politically correct.


Sunday, February 18, 2018


If jesus died for your sins isn't that a sort of holy welfare? 
Doesn't that make you not accountable for your actions since your savior is waiting to absolve you? 
Sounds like alot of jive and nonsense. I'll take my chances handling my mistakes and my life on my own and maybe with some help from my friends, family and Maybe some one eyed Viking.
The truth will never be politically correct.


Thursday, February 15, 2018


Political correctness is more dangerous than any terrorist or some wacko with a gun.

Political correctness has made a climate of pussification in this country that impedes people to do the right thing. Many people are worried or scared to say things that need to be said. But won't in fear or getting labeled or being ostracized because it might offend whoever. So for example when they say "If you see something say something" how is that gonna work when people are more nervous of being wrong and offending someone. Can't  have it both ways. More people will die because of this.
Political correctness is Cultural Marxism or Cultural Communism. This is a threat to you and your children more than a gun or any nonsense spewed on the news. Political correctness infested our society for years and now the repercussions of this is showing.
As an American I say to my fellow Americans do your due diligence on this and you will see he truth. The truth will never be politically correct.


Political Correctness kills Americans

The prevalence of mass shootings and terrorist attacks on our home soil is directly related to the rise and popularity of political correctness.

Hurt feelings pass. Dead Americans last.

If you are politically correct the blood is on your hands.

The truth will never be politically correct.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Only when I respect you and consider you my equal I will care about you. Political correctness wants you to care about everyone. NOPE that's not happening. Most of you are worth 6 bucks and you earn that daily by your futility and stupidity. There are around 7.6 billion people on this planet. Ping Kong Wang in South Korea does not care about you and you shouldn't either. Take care of your immediate friends and family. Strengthen yourself and your loved ones. Weed out the useless. Over the years people will be tossed Over the wall for whatever reasons. Vigorize your gang and your turf and it will resonate outward to others. 
No tears for strangers 
The truth will never be politically correct.


Monday, February 12, 2018

Men taking selfies at work.

1. You are a #hecunt. 
2. Congratulations you work. Men work I don't understand. Do you want a medal or a pat on the back for doing what you are supposed to do. 
3. Probably in a union they cover and protect lazy men who have time to loaf around and take selfies like an insecure woman. 
4. Takes in in the pooper in a Porto Potty at lunch time from his foreman. 
5. Watches This is Us. 
6. Likes the attention from strangers who are just as feminized and useless as themselves. 

The truth will never be politically correct.


Thursday, February 8, 2018


Dependency is slavery.
Welfare is dependency. 
They are right slavery does still exist. 
When I pay taxes in April at least send a few deadbeats to my house to mop my ceilings.

The truth will never be politically correct.


Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Your authenticity died when you stopped thinking. Most of you are on auto pilot to retardness. You have a smart phone and a smart TV yet you are not that bright.
Reading requires thinking. 
Writing requires thinking. 
Problem solving requires thinking.

When was the last book you read? Reading memes and some jive quote posted by another ass clown don't count.

When was the last time you wrote anything original. You brain is rotting away yet you are content to regurgitate other people's nonsense without even knowing what you are saying or posting.

Whining requires no thinking. Since most of you whine most of you do not think. Instead of whining you can use you brain to problem solve. Then if you are still jammed up you can reach out to someone with knowledge of your problem to help you.

Think more 
Whine less 
Read more 
Unfuck yourself 
Get Vigorous


Sunday, January 28, 2018


You can mourn the dead. 
I mourn your dead life.


Friday, January 26, 2018


Friday will not save you from the shithole you call a life...........DAMN RIGHT

You might as well give up or maybe you should read your horoscope........ NOPE.

Maybe you should whine about how you are not happy......... NOPE.

Post a beat up cliche to sooth the misery that is your life........... NOPE.

Remind us all how you grind and hustle because we all care about your "struggle"........NOPE.

Tell us how bad the world is but your little piece of this world is in chaos. We are the world.........NOPE.

There is not enough time in a day..........NOPE there is plenty you just waste time on petty things.

If Trump offends you so much maybe you should move somewhere you can be offended in another language.......... DAMN RIGHT.

That bible quote really just made your shitty life a lot less shitty..........NOPE.

You are out of shape and slovenly because you are lazy and politically correct.......... DAMN RIGHT.

This world does not need you or many others who contribute ZERO to bettering themselves and their family and friends. Wastes of oxygen and good organs.

The truth will never be politically correct.