Friday, August 30, 2019


1. When men take selfies they emasculate themselves to pander to women. 
2. When men like women's selfies they emasculate themselves to pander to women. 
3. You so called men are weak, whiny and feminized. 
4. Regain your dignity and masculinity and just stop. 

Monday, August 19, 2019


When I call out men on their feminized bullshit it's a reminder that many of you need. Many of you get lazy and complacent listening to women and falling under the spell of political correctness. You are becoming weak and acting like a teenage girl. Just because it's 2019 and it seems that everything and everyone is telling you not to be what you truly are. That should set off an alarm in your head. No one tells a man what to do. Especially women and feminized men. Men decide our paths in life and if they find like minds to join them on the journey so be it. Surround yourself with people who push you and help you to be a better man. Not a bunch of useless tampon chewers who want to break you. Too weak or pussified to ever be like you. A man who wants to be what he is supposed to be. Not what society wants him to be.



Sometimes life will shit on you. Happens to all of us just take a shower and proceed with whatever needs to get done. Many of you look for life to shit on you constantly. You want to get shit on by your actions and whiny and useless attitude towards life. So when you complain all the time how life is not fair you are just standing under the shit shower rubbing that mess in your face. That's why many of you are Turds because you always are taking shit showers. Unfuck and Get Vigorous.


Friday, June 14, 2019


Our country in 1992 till now changed dramatically for the worse. The speed in which it degenerated is fascinating and alarming. 1992 can be 1942 or 1952 in comparison to how it is now. The rise of Political correctness coincides with this trend. 
Politically correct people got abused in bullied in 1992 and before. Now they are revered and praised for being modern and progressive. When in reality they should be bullied and abused back in the holes they came from. 
Purge political correctness from your life and this country. 
There is NO freedom in a society with political correctness festering in it. 

Monday, May 27, 2019


60 years political correctness or Cultural Marxism festered in our society. It was a joke for years but still pressed on. The fastest growing period was from 1992 till now. How much different is our society from then till now? It changed dramatically and for the worse. Political correctness is a cancer. I use this analogy because real cancer and political correctness start as nothing then it festers. Left unchecked it spreads rapidly and will consume the host. No chance to get rid of it or find a cure. It settles in like it was there forever.
The cure for political correctness is to purge it from your life. Take a stand and get rid of it.
If you don't then you are part of the problem.
Politically corrects bitch and you are too afraid to unfuck yourself and get VIGOROUS.

Saturday, April 27, 2019


Respect is not bought like the bag of tampons you chew on. 
Respect is not given out like welfare to loafers and dead beats. 
Respect is not earned by your money or how many Air Jordan's you have. 
Respect is not what they portray it in the movies. 
Respect is earned like a hard days work. Sometimes with overtime and no pay differential. 
Respect is earned by realizing you get respected by just being you. In a society of people who are afraid to be them. Confirm or be shunned they think it's how it is. 
Respect is not easy to attain when it is genuine.



Friday, March 29, 2019


No difference in days just your weak and pussified outlook on life.

Dead people can't read Facebook. You want attention call someone you know. Go see a friend. Other than that your are just showing how insecure you are pining for the attention of strangers.......WIMP.

Staten Island is a dump. Always was always will.

Women that don't want to better themselves as women are useless.

Men who don't want to better themselves as men are useless.

Anyone who whines alot is a cancer. They are weak and useless. Thin skinned and inept.
Before you start whining think of someone who can help you. If not do your due diligence. If not deal with it like an adult till it's over. Pretty simple even for you dullards.

Air Jordan's don't make you cool it makes you a mindless turd of conformity.

Technology has made many of you lazy, flaccid and sloppy. Unplug sometimes and unfuck yourselves.

You have no haters. Your petty life is no ones concern. Lay off the shitty Hip Hop and unfuck yourselves.

You are not a queen, princess, bad bitch, boss bitch or whatever jive you are told. You are nothing but a 6 Dollar Floozy. Go make #BEEFSTEW.

If I'm stronger than your teenage son you failed as a father.

A society full of broken homes is NOT a good thing. To not recognize this is because you are part of the problem.

Modern and progressive thinking is weak and pussified thinking.

Your mother takes EZ-PASS.

If it smells like spam don't kiss that clam.

The Democratic party is the American Communist party. You back them you are an enemy of this country.

There are 2 genders. Gender is not a decision. If you think otherwise you have more problems than Trump is President.

Animals are not your children.

Real men don't wear pink.

Bullying is a part of life. Life is the ultimate bully. Can't stop bullys only prepare for them.

The truth will never be politically correct.


Monday, March 18, 2019


~ Distorts reality.
~ Promotes lying to fit a narrative.
~ Wants you not to think for yourself.
~ Wants men to be weak, whiny and useless.
~ Wants you to be dependent and have a victims mentality.
~ Wants women to be whores instead of mothers. 
~ Is censorship and behavioral control.
~ Wants your son to be a girl and your daughter to be a boy.
~ Wants broken homes and messed up families 
~ Wants you to denounce and ridicule religion and old school traditions and values. 

I can keep going but the rest you can do your due diligence just like I did.
Political correctness is NOT real life. Why would you want to be?
Political correctness is a cancer.
The TRUTH will never be politically correct. 


Sunday, January 27, 2019


Blessed is the woman with a dirty kitchen and a clean flounder.
Vigorveticus 3:1

A flatulent man stinks. A flatulent women goes OVER THE WALL.
Vigorveticus 3:2

Air Jordans are the sandals of the Tinker Bells of Tampon.
Vigorveticus 3:3

Weak is the man who pushups less than his days on this land.
Vigorveticus 2:9

Weak is the man who owns a dog that carried in one hand.
Vigorveticus 2:8

A woman that does not cook is the cow who does not give milk. 
Vigorveticus 2:7

Blessed is the humble women who shuts up and makes #BEEFSTEW. 
Vigorous is the man who tells woman to stifle it and make Beef Stew.
Vigorveticus 2:6

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The truth will never be politically correct

When women don't wanna better themselves as women you get what is happening in our society now. 
When men don't wanna better themselves as men you get what is happening in our society now.
Many of you reading this ARE what's wrong.
Too stupid to realize or too afraid to do something about it. Political correctness has you by the balls.
Political correctness and freedom cannot coexist.
The truth will never be politically correct