Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Why do you pretend to be someone but yourself?
Why do you put others happiness in front of yours?
Why do you go out to places just because it is the “IN” thing to do?
Why do you seek others ok when all you need is yours?
Why are you still in a relationship when you are not happy?
Why do you have 200 “friends” and still alone?
Why do you try so hard to fit in when you really do not have to?
Why do you listen to music that you do not like just to have something to talk about?
Why do you find it necessary to label people?
Why do you let MTV and Hip Hop artists dictate what you wear,drive, act like, sound like?
Why do you whine?
Why do you hate Mondays?
Why do you blame everyone else for your problems but yourself?
Why are you still with someone who has cheated on you?
Why are you miserable?
Why do you let petty things get you bent out of shape?
Why have a boyfriend or girlfriend if you cheat on them?
Why did you buy a Rolex 10 years ago and your still paying it off?
Why did you buy that nice car and have to sell drugs to afford it?
Why do you like living life looking behind your back everyday?
Why is ego a main concern in your life?
Why do you stay around when you know its not gonna work?
Why do you blame Mom or Dad for your problems?
Why do you goto the gym and talk on the phone?
Why do you goto the gym and not train legs?
Why can you bench 4 plates but cant squat 2 plates?
Why are you still lifting the same weight you were 1 year ago?
Why do you think you know it all when you really don’t?
Why are you more concerned with other people’s bullshit but wont handle yours?

Why do we do most things in this life not for ourselves? Why do we choose to do things we really do not need to do?  The list above is a few of my own faults that I realized were wrong and I resolved the issue. The rest is just from everyday life conversing with people when I am out and about. The funny and sad thing is that most do not even realize they are doing it or they are afraid to change. Change and Progression in life is needed. Just accepting that this is how it is you might as well find the nearest bridge and jump off. There always is another way. It may be hard and frightening and the outcome may not be what you want. People take that chance to get themselves Vigorous and change the bad or useless situations there in. You enjoy being a miserable fuck and you are content to backstroke in shit the rest of your life? Or you gonna rise up and become a Warrior of Life? Warriors are not born they are made! NEVER TOO LATE if someone tells you different they already gave up YESSSSSSSSSS

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