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1. Full of or characterized by vigor: a vigorous effort.
2. Strong; active; robust: a vigorous youngster.
3. Energetic; forceful: vigorous steps; a vigorous personality.
4. Powerful in action or effect: vigorous law enforcement.
5. Growing well, as a plant.

Have to love that word. It embodies the people that live life and handle their business without whining and complaining. Like Modern day warriors, they strive to make the best of what they have without the inane nonsense that most of you bring to the table. Sad to say most of you are not vigorous. I have a few examples off the top of my head just to moisten you people up to the reality. 

Emasculinization of the Male Species:  Over the last 5-10 years, I have seen what seems to me a feminizing of most of the men today. When did men become the weaker animal? When did men want to be prettier then a girl? Who said Pink on a man is cool? MTV, TMZ, BET or whatever else you are watching got most of you looking and acting like confused zombies. I would rather eat week old blue fish sitting in the sun on Emmons Ave then walk into a salon and get my eyebrows threaded. I know some of you do, you are a man not woman. Jayz don’t fucking dress me. I don’t hit Downtown, Staten Island mall, any Jersey Mall to get a get up that a MMA fighter was rockin after his fight. You ain't him, the shirt ain't gonna give you balls and become a jujitsu master. 

 NO WHINING: It is not Vigorous you should have been slapped by your father or someone along the line. Its not cute, you sound like a 4-year-old girl with diaper rash. This goes for the women also. It ain't cute, you only do it because Guys that whine can relate so you probably also share cover up tips and spray tan each other also YESSSSSSSSSS
Men do not use abbreviations or smiley faces: FML SMH TTR JJU TU RD or the term “Just Sayin” whatever else there is. Smiley faces put you right in the Turd pile! Men pick up a phone or talk in person YESSSSSSSSSS which brings me to

Men talk on phones or in person: Cut the texting to a minimum (at work you can sometimes necessary) your not a secretary well some of you are HA. Calling is faster to get point across and you avoid the similes and turd abbreviations. In addition, all this technology has made it easy for people who have no balls to get balls. This also pertains to any social networks online. Technology has given the pussies balls in their fantasy world YESSSSSSSSSS. Give me a beeper and a roll of quarters I am ready.

Metro Sexual isn’t Manly: If you even hint of this grow some facial hair, headbutt a wall 75 times, watch the Warriors 234 times, The Evil that Men Do and Rocky or jump off the nearest bridge. If your Gay we will have more respect for you if you just come out YESSSSSSSSSSS

Men wear the pants in relationships: With all the confusion about equality and women’s right to be equal and worried about being rude or not nice end it fast. You are either a nice guy or the Fonz. These days nice guys get eaten up and spit out if can’t handle the woman your with. Women can sense a wussy so most of your tough guy acts do not fly because they know. If you are a Fonz you know the deal. You get what you want not because of your money; many fake Fonzies got taken down because the Women smell a wuss. You get what you want because you exude the vigorous and the caveman machismo. Strong in mind and body you walk the earth UGA YESSSSSSSSSS HA. Just be yourself in the end the women will respect you more if you are YESSSSSSSSSS

Did I say no Whining? YESSSSSSSSSS

Men Never go to a girlie movie that’s why they have friends YESSSSSSSSSSS

Don’t worry about people who talk shit behind your back, its part of life you cant stop it so why let it bother you? If it’s brought to you face to face then handle it. Getting yourself crazy of ASSUMPTIONS is not worth it. 
I leave you people with this quote everyone should printout and let it sink in because it makes a lot of sense : 
     "I am responsible for what I say, but I am not responsible for what you understand. You are responsible for what you understand; you are responsible for whatever you do with what you hear in your head, because you are the only one that gives meaning to every word you hear" -THE FIFTH AGREEMENT-Don Miguel and Don Jose Ruiz

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