Sunday, January 2, 2011


New Year high hopes for many good feelings with a dawn of a new year. Many feel Vigorous to change and make their lives better. Thats great but in the reality most of you are pressured to do things and most of you will fail.Why because you really dont wanna change and you feel obligated to start at this point in time. Your gonna fire it up when you want to so cut the crap and be honest with yourself. I see it every year wide eyed and motivated slackers roll into the gym feeling good looking to get Vigorous. Not realizing that most of the people working in the gyms are out for the fast buck, sell sessions and look good for the bosses. The Gym is a scary place for the unvigorous and are turned off by trainers who dont care there just there for the money. I say wait 2 weeks then go in with an open mind and ask questions, alot of questions. There are people out there who will help you like myself and not look at you like a dollar sign. Ignorance only lingers if you let it YESSSSSSSSSS.
         There is no date set in stone on when you rise up like the Phoenix, you will know deep down when u are ready. No book,no Oprah speech, not your best friend only YOU will start the machine of change.If its not in you to do it it aint gonna happen. It can happen Ive changed and met many others who have, there is always hope. “The human potential is limited by the human mind, and it takes a very strong special person to break that barrier.”~~~ Dave Tate. This quote from one of the most vigorous people on this planet I really cant say more then hes 100 PERCENT ON THE MONEY YESSSSSSSSSS.
I will continue to evolve and walk the path of Vigorousity. The Warriors will fight everyday and thats the way we like it! 

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