Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Manifesting Your True Self

First, enter into a higher level of acceptance of your current life situation and the actions that attracted it into being. Acceptance is key ... as resistance keeps us trapped in the unwanted state; as "what we resist persists" ... it is helpful to send thoughts of love inward and to ask your higher self for direction and comfort when needed or desired.

Know that each step in your evolution helps to serve on your life's journey ... as each place is needed to arrive at your true self. So, fully accept and trust in what is in your present reality and the process along the way to become the ultimate and best you!

Next, bring present awareness upon any undesired or addictive behavior each time it may occur. Trying not to judge or place any guilt or blame upon yourself or others ... and the power it once held over you will start diminishing.

Finally, enter into your place of inner wisdom to access what may need to be forgiven / healed to regain your sense of balance, peace and health, so that the illusory need to continue any unwanted behavior will further dissolve.

From this space of acceptance, trust, present awareness, and inner direction positive and permanent changes will naturally flow! 

--- Copyright © 2009 Edward G. Drennan 

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