Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Throw this 1 up for the random Facebook whiners who feel the need to tell the World how Unvigorous they are lol. WARRIORS DEAL WHINERS SQUEAL YESSSSSSSSSS. Never to late to change:

Natalia P
Womp wommp I hate mondayssss!!! I wona be in my beddd wit baby rocky :(
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Bobby D
Today Was The WORST Day I Have Had In A LONG Time. I HATE Having To Deal With MORONS That Have NO COMMON SENSE. They Don't Want To WORK But Yet Take JOBS Where They Have To DEAL With People. Now NOT Only Has Today SUCKED , I Have To START Tomorrow Off The SAME Way & Go FIGHT With My Pharmacy. So TONIGHT I FIGHT The PAIN & NOW I'm Another DAY Behind Schedule. LIFE IS WORK & WORK Is HARD. Need To Keep On Keeping ON ! !
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Sam K
no wonder all these middle aged women from a certain religious faith can't ever find anyone. all they do is nag, complain and gossip, even in public. at least STFU for a moment until you trick the poor unlucky soul to date you and then proceed to make his life miserable. i wonder if their religious text incorporates a section on how to drive your significant other suicidal by nagging and complaining.
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Mike B
ughhhh i fuckin hate snow!! an i dont wanna hear o but u live in nyc an blah blah fuck u i love NYC every season but wnter so fuckin blow me ya dig!! summa where ya at?
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Danielle P
22 degrees..r u friggen kiddin me?!
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Marco S
Ugh.....MY favorite SNOW and bitter cold! I f---ing loathe the winter. Hmmm I think I need to relocate to someplace warm.
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Marco S
I haven't even gone to get my DD iced coffee yet! Its 2 cold out.
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Michael A
i hate the mets but i think im going to attend the first game that cliff lee pitches in ny this season. his wife thought people spitting on her were bad? im gonna take a shit on that womans face.. thats right you arkansanian fucks.. your kids would get their asses kicked in school and your too soft. just wait til his arm goes down like the rest of them
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Kristina H
Dreading going outside, but I'm starving! #freezemybuttoff
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Michael A
Fuck having a real job, being a lazy asshole was much warmer!
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Michelle C
Ok seriously its 20 effin degrees out!!! Its colder then a whore in church outside!!! Hate this weather, altleast let it snow then!!
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Shaheed T
If tonights low is 15 degrees then WTF are we getting in January and February ???
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Summer John
FML... passed out at 7pm and now i'm wide awake... ugghhhh
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Jeanna P
Always at least one chatterbox on the express bus. Super annoying!
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Cylo A
New York It's cold!!!!!!! Can someone please TURN up the heat!!!!!
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Jackie B
Its official... I'm sickkkkkk ='( Wahhhhhhh
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Sooooo Fucking PISSED Off Today. I START Off The Week So POSITIVE , But Something Or Someone ALWAYS Has To FUCK It Up. Why Must People Stick In There 2 CENTS In Matters That Don't CONCERN Them ? WHY ? Don't They Have There OWN Shit To WORRY About ? Its Funny To Cause When You NEED Them , They Are NO Place To Be FOUND. But They Are ALWAYS There To FUCK Shit Up. They Think They KNOW But They Don't. BUT OUT ! !

Joseph A
Thinks people get crazier every year while X-mas shopping.....
Fuck X-mas

Jennifer L
Feels like poo !!!! I want to curl up into a little ball !!!!!! ggggggrrrrrrr
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Albana E
this weather sucks more than the giants do!

Danielle D
cannot bare to watch another lame movie.
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Marcella B
Severe Cabin Feverrrrrr....HELP!
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Billy B
I cant emphasize any more that I hate the winter and snow
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Kriste L
What's with these guys & their TERRIBLE attitudes!!! Ughhhhhh...
That BS isn't going to get you anywhere!!!
In fact...It's a MAJOR turn off to me!!!

Mark A
FML… This Diet is starting to piss me off already everything Im not supposed to eat I have …. Besides tomatoes … I don't have anything for my diet Jesus Christ help me
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Monika L
shorthanded at work, hard work is even more draining today...dislike the uneducated demands in moments like this! why don't you freaken do my job and ill sit and watch??? I am not doing your housekeeping job or telling you how to do it, so let me do mine because I do it well!!! if you were able to do my job, your family member wouldn't be here in the condition she is!!!!
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Cheryl T
slowly losing my mind!
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Nicole R
* WINDS... GUSTS 20 TO 25 MPH.
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Dan R
here we go again...our great Mother Nature is once again PMSing!!
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