Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Vigorous

Whats up People Tuesday Vigorous & nothing will stop the Motivated! We all have issues and problems in out lives. Some inane & some that will drain our energy to the brink. Most people will treat the nonsense like its the end of the world. Why you might ask because its acceptable in our society to embrace the Whiny Turd & feed its appetite for Unvigorousity! Why cloud your life being consumed with nonsense? Is your life that dull that you only seek attention even if its negative? The way I see it is that is what it is. So consumed with others people shit you neglect your own. It will hold you down & it will make your day harder. What will it take for you to rise up and smell the Vigorous? Ignorance is not an excuse since your reading my stuff and you know how I get down. Its a matter of it kicking in and starting the hot lava flowing. With me I found something I can relate too and that started the machine.Its never too late to change yourself. 
Stay Vigorous

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