Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Night Vigorous

Nothing gets the Lava flowing daily when you step back outside of yourself for a few minutes and reflect on where you are at in this world. Shit can be a whole lot worse then it is now but it aint and it will only get better if I keep the fire burning. Nothing stops the motivated but anything will stop the Weak and Negative people we are surrounded by. The more you realize and shed the blinders you have worn most of your life the more you see,the more you realize and the changes can be made to make you life easier. PERSPECTIVE is a word many are familiar with but really dont know how powerful it is. When u toss some perspective into your daily lives you will realize that most of the nonsense you think is important really is not worth your time. Your ego and self importance hinders your capacity to think clearly when other people are controlling you without you knowing. I can ramble on and on on this issue and it will be covered at length soon YESSSSSSSSSS.
Stone Cold just came on Raw so JONESY is outta here haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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