Wednesday, September 28, 2011


"Wednesday Headbuttin! Death is the only 100% Certainty in our lives. Its looming over your shoulder just waiting. Most of you are wasting the time you have left on inane pursuits or nonsense that you deem important. Even worse you decide to walk the earth at the bidding of others that have you brainwashed or beatin into submission you cant see that there is a problem. Most of you are already dead, walking around like zombies on a path to no where. Today is the day to wake up and realize there is another way. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror,do you even know who your lookin at? Hose off the Stank of Whinoturdapussiosis, Headbutt  a wall 75 times, throw out all the useless shit in your life AND GET VIGOROUS! DO,SAY AND ACT like the authentic you that is ready to RISE UP. Its never too late, just alot of excuses why it is. Warriors Rise, Whiners wait to Die YESSSSSSSSSS"~~~JONESY

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