Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Sometimes it not easy to realize there is another way to live and think from how u are living now. I blew it off saying there nuts or there preaching. However, when I did see the whole picture this is not the case. When it sinks in for the people who are still on the edge that living Vigorous and with a positive mind will end most of the bullshit u deal with everyday. The less u deem as important the less unhappiness there will be in your lives. HERE is a good 1 I use when Im talking to some1 about a situation. Three words ARE YOU HAPPY? For example, ARE YOU HAPPY WITH YOUR BF/GF? If u can’t say yes right away then there is doubt and will lead or already has made u unhappy you can apply this method to all aspects of your life............if u hesitate there is a problem. Then u can go on to fix the problem or not its all up to you no one else. No one else can make u do anything. Ultimately, you are responsible for anything u do. Blaming someone else just wont work. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY OR MISERABLE. We all have bad days I'm not immune to it. Its how u deal with and take control of the situation determines the outcome. YOU,  no one else. EVERYDAY IS A BATTLE TO STAY VIGOROUS IN A WORLD THAT EMBRACES THE WEAK, THE UNVIGOROUS, THE SLACKERS, THE WHINERS ALL THAT IS PUSSIFIED AND EXUDES NEGATIVITY. The journey is on going and the more people I meet that are on the path I’m on just makes it more rewarding. The ones I left behind its not there fault there just not where I am now. I do not hate them I just have to move on in my life. Negativity will bring u down when you are surrounded by it. Im not going back down again.  YESSSSSSSSSS.~~~~JONESY

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