Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Word on the 6th

Friday Brobdingnagian: Smell that in the air? Take a real deep breathe....Now you smell it? Thats the stench of your own weak and whiny stank you have exuded for years. Its not the guy on the subway or at the gym it is you. You reek of pussified human and you love it. Why do you love it because everyone around you smells the same so it seems normal. Your not willing to hose off and febreze yourself because your content to wallow in the turd pit. The few of us did pull ourselves out and wash that shit off and got Vigorous! Never too late to get out of that mess your in. Ill  give you a hand out but I wont hold you up. You gotta climb out yourself, claw your way out and get Vigorous. Warriors pull themselves up, Whiners look for a hand up YESSSSSSSSSS~~~JONESY

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