Tuesday, April 10, 2012


"Tuesday Headbuttin and The Blame Game is played daily. You and many others are bonafide experts at it. Men suck,women suck, my job sucks,Tuesdays suck, my coffee sucks, my life sucks, people suck, traffic sucks, subway sucks, rain sucks,timeline sucks, my adult diaper sucks and it goes on and on. Its everything but the clown you look at in the mirror everyday. It cant be you, you do nothing wrong, its gotta be anything but me. If the same shit keeps happening to you over and over again its most likely you and your perspective on life. God aint punishing you or its not that dark cloud following you its your Pussified attitude on life. Think about an onion. Start peeling away all the layers of bullshit you think its important then maybe you can toss away the Blame Game and move on in life. PERSPECTIVE most of you need to look it up but have no time when your blaming the world for your short comings YESSSSSSSSS. Warrriors Stay up, Whiners get Slapped up"~~~JONESY

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