Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Your Wednesday Jonesyscope: Stuff floating around in the sky on the third week of the fourth month aint gonna get you out of the rut  you call a life. Waiting for that right fortune cookie aint gonna unfuck your pussified attitude you proudly walk around with along with the rest of the drones. A four day seminar on "How to Be a Better Upstanding Member of The Jolly Farm Club" aint gonna work unless you want it to. Most of you are beaten down and weak from years of being oppressed by forces you let hold you down. Your responsible for where you are at right now, no one else. If you can find the strength to whine and be pissed off all day you got the strength to pull off that adult diaper and get Vigorous. There is no 30 day return, 100% guarentee its gonna work but if you dont try you might as well just find the nearest bridge and jump. Warriors thrive while Pussies wait to die YESSSSSSSSSS.

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