Thursday, June 14, 2012


Thursday Vigorous and always Moist! Sometimes you don't feel like doing nothing, you feel like shit, your energy is drained and you don't wanna move. Most of you wont move and loaf out on your couch watching reality TV to kill of some more brain cells. The few of us will get up knowing that there are people with nothing wrong with them doing shit because their Lazy Slackin Turds! This ignites the pistons of the machine and we are  running out of the house yellin YESSSSSSSSSS IM READY! See you lazy turds we found a use for you. A constant reminder that if we dont stay Vigorous we are gonna join u on the couch watching Real Floozies of Butte Montana! Warriors get it done while whiners shit themselves and run.....~~~JONESY 6/14/12

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