Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Wednesday Moist and always Vigorous. Another day your reading my Jonesyism that means your alive and that's a great start. For many of you that feeling lasts 3.2 seconds before you start whining and moaning about inane nonsense. Yes you the one who already saturated their adult diaper on the way to work because you coffee got fucked up and the person next to you on the subway smells like marinated dead cat. Bullshit like this will ruin many peoples days and this is why your weak and a pussy. Wipe it out and move on, that shit aint nothing compared to the heavy shit in life that will come and how you gonna handle that? When you start whining about days of the week and weather? The small shit aint shit, so the faster you gain some perspective on this the better off you will be. Most people today have become soft, oversensitive, whimpering, 100% Bully material, Thin-skinned tampon chewing Ass Necks. Or you can hose off the oozy puss of weakness that you exude and get Vigorous. I don't give money back guarantees I tell you how it is. Warriors are not born they are made and we are always looking for new recruits YESSSSSSSSSS~~~JONESY  

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