Monday, September 17, 2012


"G.V.I.M and its another day that we are alive and that's a dam good start. No difference between Monday and Friday just your pussified attitude of life. Your perspective on life will wake up once you decide cut out the nonsense in your life and simplify what really needs your attention. Most of you are all absorbed in the so called drama and haters. Two terms used by the weak and whiny to justify
 there own shortcomings. If you are feeding into the nonsense yourself of course you will have so called drama and haters. Its because you want it, you need it and to real relevant to the rest of you whiny turd buddies you need to have it. You can either keep fermenting in the bullshit Jacuzzi you call a life or rise up and get Vigorous! You choice to either way its all on you. Warriors are not born they are made......"~~~JONESY 9/17/12

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