Monday, September 10, 2012


Monday Vigorous! Reading this means your alive and that's a good start. There is no difference between Monday and Friday just your pussifiied attitude towards your life. Perspective is a word most of you don't have or have no clue what it means. Time to get some since most of you lack it. Responsibility lands on you like a slap across the mouth whether to be a whiner or a Warrior in life. Since most of you are afraid to get slapped in the mouth most of you wont change and will be content to be what you are........A waste of organs and oxygen. Or something will hopefully click and you will rise up out of the turd pile you call a life and get Vigorous. Life might get better might not but if you don't try you never know YESSSSSSSSS. Warriors will rise up while whiners wait to get beat up..........~~~JONESY 9/10/12

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