Tuesday, November 27, 2012


"Tuesday Vigorous! Life is the ultimate bully and will hunt out the weak and feeble when it chooses to. Sooner or later it will get to you so you aint lucky its just not your turn. Bad Mutha Fucka Life is and loves to cause havoc to the people. How do you handle this you may ask? The same way you handle a bully in real life......No you don't whine on the internet and bottle up your pain until you decide to off yourself because you were taught to be a submissive pussy. You decide to fight back! Grab a bat or a nice roll of pennies and you crack that bully in the mouth. Same thing when life decides to mess with you. You just gonna bend over and let it sodomize you like many of you let happen? No you gonna headbutt life then kick it in the balls because your the Bad Mutha Fucka on the block and you aint goin out like a sucka! You may not have started the fight but you better be ready to finish it. Warriors are not born they are made...."~~~JONESY 11/27/12

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