Monday, December 24, 2012


Monday Headbuttin and Santa Sodomy for all the whiners and slackers. Tis the season to loaf but is it really? Time to reflect on how good you have it and to put in perspective that many of us especially this year are still messed up. Tough times will either make tough people or send the weak running and hiding. Most of you are the many, the weak and the whiny. Your choice, you gotta look at yourself in the mirror everyday and try to make it thru each day. Same amount of energy you can be a warrior of life. The road less traveled and alot harder. Easy Street is Pussy Street and most of you stink like 3 week old tuna. Tis the season to peel off your adult diaper and make that change. No guarantees and no returning it on the 26th with the rest of the junk you don't need. All you need is to wake up and smell the Vigorous! Merry Christmas YESSSSSSSSSS~~~JONESY 12/24/12

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