Thursday, January 17, 2013


Thursday Brobdingnagian in the Brisk! Reading this means your alive and thats a great start. Your Jonesy approved Horoscope for all you people who suck on this nipple daily this is for you....The wind blew a used tampon passed me to my right on the way to the subway which means today will be Vigorous! I saw a brown dot on the moon and half of you reading this will experience s shitty day. The #17 represents prosperity for anyone with the letter W in your name. If anyone wants a more in depth reading lemme know where your at, have 100 bucks ready and ill headbutt and wedgie you because you deserve the abuse. You make your day what it is not Miss Cleo From Cameroon! You are the force that changes the shit that aint right. You are the monster that walks the planet steppin on the weak to get what you want YESSSSSSSSSS. Pour kerosene on this Thursday and run out your door screaming! Warriors are not born they are made.~~~JONESY 1/17/13

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