Sunday, February 10, 2013


Sunday Sodomy and most of you let life have its way with you like a sex slave locked in a pit in a basement. Content to get abused daily because you think "it is what it is". Keep thinking that you will never get to where you need to be. It is how you make it so using cliches and bullshit quotes from Oprah and Tony Robbins aint gonna unfuck you. Think of your life as a Dam holding back a mighty river. Cracks start happening and you try to fill the holes with your excuses, cliches, bullshit quotes, used tampons, lies, more excuses, blaming others or whatever nonsense you wanna patch up your dam. The dam is your fucked up life you desperately want to hold onto. You rather keep patching up this shit life you have, too afraid of change and progression. I blew up my dam along time ago now I'm a raging river flowing and going wherever I wanna go. Keep pluggin up the holes in your life with bullshit or just blow the mutha fucka up YESSSSSSSSSS. Warriors are not born they are made.~~~JONESY 2/10/13

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