Thursday, February 28, 2013


Thursday Headbuttin! Its not "It is what it is", its how I decide to do it YESSSSSSSSSS. Most of you enjoy sodomy since you let life shove it in daily YESSSSSSSSSS. Being the weak and whiny will guarantee you a sad and shitty life YESSSSSSSSS. Time to take inventory of shit you think is important and toss it in the trash YESSSSSSSSSS. An $800 bag or an Iphone aint gonna help you drop that fat you accumulated? Get Vigorous now or be a walrus on the beach instead of that good lookin beast YESSSSSSSSSS. Responsibility begins and ends with the individual. So if you wanna unfuck your life get ready for a fight. Get in that ring and fight for that life you want YESSSSSSSSSS. But sadly most or you are content to let others control life and rape you daily till you drop dead a waste of life........Warriors are not born they are made.~~~JONESY 2/28/13

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