Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Wednesday Headbuttin! Another day you woke up alive and thats a great start. To the people whining about the weather, especially the so call men you have 2 choices. Head over to Rite Aid and pick up a box of tampons, microwave one and shove it in your vagina. Yes I believe men can grow vaginas just look around and smell the area really well, you can here and smell pussy YESSSSSSSSSS. On the other hand like myself and the rest of the Vigorites its not an issue. Most issues are not an issue when its nonsense. So next time you borrow you sisters skinny jeans or one of her tampons might as well slap on a wig and lipstick and try out for Glee. Your a waste of testosterone and oxygen and its time to make a change YESSSSSSSSSS.

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