Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Tuesday Vigorous! Headbutt a whiner, wedgie and complainer, hot slap a slacker because life is already sodomizing them daily for being weak might as well add to their misery. Like I said yesterday you wanna be a waste of oxygen and healthy organs Im firing up the gas chamber so get in line and wait your turn. That's all your really doing in your life is waiting in line to die. We are all dying but the path towards the end is what matters YESSSSSSSSS. You can walk the earth like a Warrior of life doing what you want and getting what you want. Or you can do like many waiting for something to happen because you think someone owes you something. Well you can wait in that gas chamber line cause the world owes you nothing YESSSSSSSSSS. Never to late to unfuck yourself and get Vigorous!~~~JONESY 4/2/13

picture from http://www.lift-run-bang.com/

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