Thursday, May 2, 2013

Macho May 2nd!

Macho May 2nd, another day your alive and you can unfuck the nonsense in your life. Or you enjoy all the bullshit even thou you whine and complain daily about it? If there was less drama and bullshit you think your life would be not as exciting or have shit to say to other people? You enjoy being covered in shit and wallowing around with the rest of the pigs of society since its all you know. Content to be irrelevant and just say "it is what it is"......the motto of the weak and whiny! Some of us decided to rise out of the shit pile of life and say "It is what we are gonna make it" We decided to join to fight to tell life that you are not in control anymore. Go sodomize the rest of the weak and whiny masses who do nothing and just sit there waiting to get violated. On the way you will lose a many people on the way but that's the price to pay to better yourself and get Vigorous! Put in the work and get ready for a fight! Warriors are not born they are made.~~~JONESY 5/2/13

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