Saturday, May 25, 2013


Saturday Headbuttin! Since you woke up and didn't see a mushroom cloud of a nuclear explosion its not so bad huh YESSSSSSSSSSS. Another day to unfuck yourself from all the nonsense that festers your situation. Shit you cant control in life for example since most of you are not too bright the weather can be handled two ways. Your way is to whine and sound like 5 year old girl yelling to to the sky why. The Vigorous way is to take your lumps and adapt and overcome. Life is not fair so either you become and animal of adaptation or just be another person I step on to get where I need to be YESSSSSSSSSS. Its how it is, its how it always was but most of you are too ignorant to see it. Education leads to Vigoration so pick up a book and start learning YESSSSSSSSSS. But for the rest of the unwilling to unfuck themselves there are plenty of tampons and adult diapers for you to encompass yourselves in. Warriors adapt, Whiners lie in their own crap.~~~ JONESY 5/25/13

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