Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Headbuttin!

Tuesday Headbuttin! Another day your alive and ready to unfuck whats messing up your life. Most of you should of never woke up since life is so hard and not fair. Guess what your right its not . So like most of you who play this "why me" card daily you are not alone. We all get fucked by life, its just a matter of how we deal with the situations. If you have no control of a situation most of you whine and act like a pussy.  Warriors take their lumps, wipe the blood off and get back in the arena. If you never get in the fight your just about useless and you will never change. If you don't wanna stand up for yourself and hose off the stank of pussification and better yourself then your already dead. Lemme know Ill fire up the gas chamber so you can get in line with the rest of the wastes of oxygen. So either fight and say I'm not gonna take this shit no more or just get in the line and wait to die. Or are you already on that line? Warriors are not born they are made. ~~~5/14/13

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