Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Headbuttin!

Friday Headbuttin! Thanking god its Friday is thanking yourself for being a weak and whiny YESSSSSSSSSS. Cancer is a disease Fat is not YESSSSSSSSSS. Another day your alive to unfuck yourself but most of love the sodomy life imposes on you YESSSSSSSSSS. The Brooklyn Barbarian is looking for a few more clansmen YESSSSSSSSSS. Information is out there just not on Reality TV so pick up a book and actually use your mind its fun YESSSSSSSSSS. Supression leads to Pussification and most of you are covered in Tampons and Douche YESSSSSSSSSS. Never too late to change but most of you have already conceded death while you are still alive YESSSSSSSSSS. Warriors are not born they are made.~~~JONESY 6/21/13

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