Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Brobdingnagian!

"Tuesday Brobdingnagian! Head butts are locked and loaded for the flounders and whiners. In a world of people inflicted with the plague of Whinoturdapussiosis most people give up because they believe "It is what it is". Good job keep that nonsense up your just another waste of space on that gas chamber line waiting to die.  Pessimism breeds laziness so its time to unfuck that attitude of content to be a Loafer. Its never too late to rise above the Turds and Get Vigorous. No one is gonna do it but you. There is no pill at the pharmacy to make you a Warrior of Life, just tampons and adult diapers for the Unvigorous YESSSSSSSSSS"~~~JONESY 6/18/13

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