Monday, July 8, 2013


G.V.I.M. How come you clowns don't that god its Monday? No difference between days just your sad and pathetic perspective on life. Yep I'm speaking to the majority of you and most of you are weak and whiny and you bathe in that slop daily YESSSSSSSSSS. You don't even have to say a word you stink of weakness so you cant hide it. Everyday is another day to unfuck yourselves from shit that needs to get unfucked. Your Iphone or some bullshit celebrity you idolize aint gonna unfuck you so get to a mirror and look real hard to that bad mutha fucka that's gonna do it. Trade in that tampon you chew on for an axe and get into the fight! Or you can just wait to die and slog in the shit pile you call a life counting the days till Friday. Warriors are not born they are made.~~~JONESY 7/8/13

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