Monday, July 15, 2013


G.V.I.M. For those lost its GET VIGOROUS ITS MONDAY! Everyday should be a Monday YESSSSSSSSSS. No difference in days just your pussified attitude of life and that goes for most of you. There is no color in Whining and there is no race in being an ignorant half a retard its an overall problem. We need to stop listening to the horse manure society tries to feed us daily. If we as a whole took time to unfuck ourselves and really cut the bullshit and look hard in that mirror most of the so called important crap you care about will become exactly what it is.....CRAP. Not even talking about training and getting in shape (that happens as a result of you deciding to unfuck yourself) Its about wiping the chalkboard clean from all the bullshit floating in your head and start fresh. Hard thing to do I know I'm still cleaning house but it gets better. No guarantees and no 30 day return policy but if you don't even try your just speeding up death. Make yourself useful instead of striving to be useless.~~~JONESY 7/15/13

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