Friday, August 2, 2013

Results Not Typical... If You're a Wimp

Results Not Typical... If You're a Wimp
by Chris Shugart

I worked with a reader once who wanted to know how his results compared to other people's results. Well, he'd lost 30 pounds of fat at that time and looked like a new man, so my first instinct was to say that his results were way above average, not typical at all.

But let's think about that for a minute:

• Most people half-ass their training.

• Most people half-ass their diet.

So, they get half-ass results, lose their motivation, and end up quitting or yo-yo'ing. Those are "typical" results, because people are typically pussies when it comes to training and nutrition.

But combine hardcore dedication -- in the gym and at the dinner table -- with focused effort and a take-no-prisoners attitude, and jaw-dropping physique transformations are, well, typical.

In other words, building muscle, losing fat, and getting stronger is just what HAPPENS when you cut the crap, do everything right, and stop being such a wimp. Most people are wimps though, either gym wimps or kitchen wimps or both. That's typical.

Most people these days are too weak, too fat, and too slow. The new average is well below average.

Why even do this? Why go to the gym if you're going to phone in your workout? Why even bother buying healthy foods if you're going to eat donuts at work and stop by Taco Hell on the way home? Come on, grow a pair.

No whining, no rationalizing, no excuse making, no "aw shucks, I messed up, ain't I funny?" self-effacing bullshit.

Cut the typical half-assery and commit. Average is for wimps. -- CS

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