Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday with the extra Hot Choppin!

Friday with the extra Hot Choppin! Thanking god its Friday is just a declaration to the world that you are weak and whiny. No difference in days just your pussified attitude in life. I'm not impressed by the majority of you getting moist about a phone update since most of you have not updated yourselves in years. If out of shape and de-conditioned is what you call a better updated version of yourself then most of you are just about useless. You are out of breathe walking to your car or chasing your kids but a piece of junk needs to be top speed. Most of you need a big blast of perspective or you will continue on the path of uselessness towards the gas chamber at the end of the road YESSSSSSSSSS. Warriors are not born they are made.~~~JONESY 9/20/13

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