Monday, September 16, 2013


G.V.I.M. and for those who are clueless its Get Vigorous its Monday YESSSSSSSSSS. No difference in days just your weak and pathetic outlook on life YESSSSSSSSSS. Whiners are useless and should have their organs harvested to vigorous people who need them YESSSSSSSSSS. If being cool means acting feminine and placating to women then we are really in bad shape YESSSSSSSSSS. Men are Men and women are women some how the line disappeared and I'm throwing up a barbwire fence YESSSSSSSSSS. To many Skippy Handlemens and not enough Archie Bunkers around YESSSSSSSSSS. Im not only the Vigorous President but I'm also a client YESSSSSSSSSS. Nothing wrong with bullying stand up for yourself and smash the bully in the face with a roll of quarters YESSSSSSSSSS. We are here and we get Vigorous so enjoy the ride because we only get one trip in life YESSSSSSSSSS.~~~JONESY

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