Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Tuesday Brisk and Vigorous in NYC YESSSSSSSSSS. Another day your alive and another day you can Unfuck yourself. Men that whine about the weather  are the same so called men that borrow their girlfriends tampons when they get their periods. Sad and useless but there is always hope to unfuck yourself. Many of you males can stop the growth of vaginas and wearing of your sisters jeans by realizing your a MAN not a watered down version of what a so called man society wants today.....A whining, pink wearing half a fruit basket, brunching, waste of oxygen. Civilized will make you pussified and many of you suck on that tampon daily. Wipe the slate clean and become that caveman we all were and we still are. Become the barbarian that does and says what he wants. Become the Warrior that wakes up everyday looking at life as gift and a challenge YESSSSSSSSSS. Become useful in a world full of useless people.....~~~JONESY 9/17/13

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