Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Vigorous!

Tuesday Vigorous! Nothing better then the sound and stank of the morning whiners. The masses of useless individuals regurgitating the same nonsense daily about useless jive and gibberish. The baloney that infests you daily keeps you away from what you really need to get pissed off about. You and how you are a mess and need to unfuck yourself. You get caught up in useless rants about politics, religion, the news or whatever bunk that gets you in a whining funk and that is Unvigorous YESSSSSSSSSS. If it were as easy as hitting control-Alternate-Delete then the majority of us would not be in the shit storm we are in. But its not and its dam hard resetting and deleting the nonsense accumulated over the years. The less you deem important in life the less nonsense you will encounter and that's 100% Solid! Warriors are not born they are made.~~~Jonesy 9/3/13

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