Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Vigorous!

Thursday Vigorous and most of you need some Listerine with that tampon breathe YESSSSSSSSSS. Another day you reading this and alive so you have another opportunity to unfuck yourself. Control what you can control instead of whining and blaming others for your own bullshit. Its not my fault or anyone else if your out of shape or overweight. If your that unhappy and not in the right place use your energy to unfuck yourself instead of complaining and point fingers at others. Become the Furor Fanatic for change and get on the battlefield and fight. Your not alone in the battle, there are others in the fight so reach out to them. Its gonna be hard and you will want to give up. But the rewards are great when you win the war. I have and many others have done it so really WHATS YOUR EXCUSE? YESSSSSSSSSS. Excuses got you to where you are at now. Now its time to try it the Vigorous way! Warriors are not born they are made.~~~ JONESY 10/17/13 

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