Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Headbuttin!

Wednesday Headbuttin! Camels are great eating get on it YESSSSSSSSSS. Reading this means you didn't go full retard yet and you still have a change to unfuck yourself YESSSSSSSSSSS. Another day to get rid of the useless things and people stuck you daily and just drag you into that TURD PILE you wallow in YESSSSSSSSSS. Ill give you a HAND UP not a HAND OUT. Big difference in each if your smart you will know the difference YESSSSSSSSSS. Do your due diligence if you wanna accomplish something. Your too lazy to read a book or look up information on an issue you need to resolve your not gonna amount to shit. Leaving it up to others you might as well not even start the process because your slacker ass is not gonna come through YESSSSSSSSSS. Education leads to Vigoration YESSSSSSSSSS. Your homeless with a dog and begging for money to eat, eat the dog YESSSSSSSSSS. Another shake down maneuver to sucker the suckers YESSSSSSSSSS. Life is one big gang rape if you let life sodomize you daily like many of you are victims of YESSSSSSSSSS. Random Vigorousity on a Wednesday YESSSSSSSSSS. Don't get offended get Vigorous YESSSSSSSSSS. ~~~JONESY 10/30/13

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