Friday, November 22, 2013


FRIDAY MOIST! Thanking god its Friday is declaring to the world your weak and pussified. No difference in days of the week just your sad attitude towards life. Perspective is a vigorous word you better look it up if you don't know it and then go find some because you need it. False hope and jive consume most of you in your little worlds of self pity and why me mentalities. Most of you live 7 days of sodomy with one day "of relief". There is no escape from the demon that's fucking you up. Look in that mirror and meet your demise and your savior. Its unfucking time all the time so its up to you to stand up and knockout your own pussifaction and leave it bleeding on the street. Or you can live life life bent over waiting for life to keep shoving in that nail riddled Louisville Slugger. Warriors are not born they are made.~~~ JONESY 11/22/13 

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