Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Sodomy!

Sunday Sodomy! On the 7th Day Jonesy Headbutted 10 whiners ate 4 yorkies and burned down an Apple Store just to appease the all mighty being.......Himself YESSSSSSSSSS. Belief is one of the strongest forms of control and many of you follow certain beliefs blindly. Too afraid to ask questions or maybe do some due diligence and actually find out what you believe is wrong or a lie. You rather stay ignorant and not risk your whole world blowing up in your face depending on others to make you feel complete. Sheep, Zombies, Turds, Tools, Wastes of space whatever label you fancy is that how to live? Raise a altar to yourself and become a Fanatic for you! You are the all mighty, become strong for yourself and your family. You are the source of the power you seek YESSSSSSSSSS. Years of others telling you how it is,is over. Warriors are not born they are made.--- Jonesy 11/10/13

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