Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Sodomy!

Sunday Sodomy! Moses was a pussy and got it all wrong YESSSSSSSSSS
1.Thou shall not whine and make waste of yourself or feel the wrath of the heavy fist of Sodomy. 
2. Thou shall make yourself Vigorous and strong to subdue and abuse the useless massses. 
3. Men who brunch shall burn in a fire of the unholy tampons and maxi-pads.
4. Thou must watch All In The Family and unfuck thyself from the hold of pussification.
5. Women shall find ye kitchen and churn ye butter Vigorously. 
6. Man who owns a dog that fits in a purse is not a man 
7. Make holy the words of Al Bundy amd make your pilgrimage to the Jiggly Room. 
8. Thou shall not lurk on your neighbors wife or cow. 
9. Thou shall covet thy neighbors everything if the man is weak and whiny.
10. Fuck the French YESSSSSSSSSS
11. Thou shall use the word moist in as many conversations as you want.
12. Do and say what you want not many will deter you since most around will not get in your way. 
13. We are here and we are Happy YESSSSSSSSSS 

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