Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Headbutting!

Thursday Headbutting! Sometimes change is necessary if you wanna unfuck yourself. Sometimes change is not necessary if things are working as you want them. Society likes to fuck with us and enjoys manipulating the weak and whiny with useless change. Just because the majority believes in one thing does it mean its the right thing for you? The majority is a mass of useless tool bags sucking the balls of the almighty propaganda machine. Turn on your brain that you shut off to jerk off on your Iphone and instaturd pics of your dog and educate yourself. Slow down the retardation process by actually reading or getting your due diligence in. EDUCATION LEADS TO VIGROATION but SLACKINIZATION LEADS TO TURDINATION and that's the path most of you are on. Never too late to unfuck yourself.......~~~JONESY 11/14/13

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