Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday Headbuttin!

Wednesday Headbuttin! Keep believing all the Jive you ingest daily you will never unfuck yourself. It amazes me how people love playing the blame game. Your scorned and angry at the world because things didn't or don't go like you want it? Guess what champ its your fault shit ain't going right. Your more to blame if all you do is whine and spew nonsense on how it can't be you it's either men or women or society or the weather or daddy didn't hug me enough the list of excuses goes on and on. Years wasted playing the blame game only dug you deeper in the pit of self pity and uselessness. Useless members of society like many of you play this game and there is no winner. Time to rip off those adult diapers and pull out that tampon you Suck on and become accountable for your own bullshit. Keep sucking on that dick of BLAME and all your gonna receive is hot loads of self inflicted PAIN. Warriors are not born they are made.--- Jonesy 11/20/13

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