Monday, January 6, 2014


G.V.I.M. YESSSSSSSSSS. UnFuckin in the fourteen rolls on and many of you are still bathing in the sess pool of whining and self sodomy. Accountability falls upon the individual to get shit started. Most of you are inactive and not proactive. Most of you are waiting for shit to happen and the only thing your waiting for is to get abused and slapped around by life. I can bang out Jonesyisms all day but what for? I know when I need a dose of Vigoration all I need to do is walk down any street and count the fat and out of shape people plodding through life. Snaps me right back because whats "normal" is weak whiny and useless and that's how society wants us. Pump our foods with useless garbage and legalizing marijuana. Its all part of the Pussification plan. Keep the masses useless and not having a clue. Never too late to change you just gotta rip off the adult diaper and get in the fight YESSSSSSSSSS.~~~JONESY 1/6/14

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