Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Commence the UNFUCKIN IN THE FOURTEEN YESSSSSSSSSS. Sodomy will befall the whiners and useless more this year because they deserve it YESSSSSSSSSS. The world owes you nothing so stop looking for a hand out  and start looking for a hand up YESSSSSSSSSS. If your life is so bad by all means end it. One less turd in the herd YESSSSSSSSSS. Your horoscope for the fourteen goes as follows........Horoscopes are useless you make your own luck in this world. You want a Jonesyscope I can make it happen at least ill tell you how it really is YESSSSSSSSSSS. LURK,LURK,LURK, READ, READ, READ, LIFT, LIFT, LIFT, TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN and LIVE, LIVE,LIVE YESSSSSSSSSS. Responsibility for your unfuckin is in your hands. Are you gonna get them dirty or continue to get your knees dirty? YESSSSSSSSSS. Don't get offended get Vigorous in the Fourteen!~~~JONESY 1/1/14

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