Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Brobdingnagian!

Friday Brobdingnagian! "WALK, WALK,WALK, READ, READ, READ, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE." Homage to my Junior High School Principal Mr Karbel from Cunningham JHS in Beautiful Brooklyn New York. He would say this everyday during morning announcements day after day after day. No running in the halls, read your books and write your homework, its pretty straight forward. This can be applied for the present. Not enough of you walk enough, read enough and when the last time you wrote anything besides checking the like button on this mess we are all plugged into? So simple yet so perplexing to most of you since you are too lazy to do any of the three and that's pathetic. Useless people consume their lives with useless things. I would ferment on what Mr Karbel used to say everyday to myself and the rest of the students who remember his motto YESSSSSSSSSS. never too late to UNFUCK, UNFUCK, UNFUCK, YOURSELF, YOURSELF, YOURSELF, LOAFER, LOAFER, LOAFER, YESSSSSSSSSS.~~~JONESY 2/7/14

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