Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Headbuttin!

Friday Headbuttin! Thanking god its Friday is a useless action relished and adored by the useless whiner faction of society. No difference in days its your pussified attitude towards life. Hate your job quit it and find another one you really want. Too afraid to attempt this big move then you already decided to give up on life. Your just another slave to a desk or whatever occupation your chained too. Maybe its not so bad and you just are a miserable fuck and wanna do nothing in life but whine and have your hand out like the dregs of our society. Then you deserve all the sodomy and abuse life will had out if you are one of those people. Never too late to unfuck yourself but many of you are content to be useless victims their own sodomy.............Don't get offended GET VIGOROUS!~~~ JONESY 2/21/14 

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