Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Perspective with a side of Hot Hash!

Thursday Perspective with a side of Hot Hash! I may be tired, sore, beat up and not in a great mood. I might not be as Vigorous today as other days but before I slide down the that path to the pool of the whiny and the weak I always stop myself. Even when I'm not 100% I'm still in alot better shape then most of you pussified sacks of useless sodomy bait waiting to get abused by life. There is no pity for people who make their own lives shitty so get out my way or your gonna get thrown in that pile of dirty snow YESSSSSSSSSS. Inspire me oh throngs of whiny and useless! Inspire me not to be what you are and thanks is given daily by my actions to unfuck myself. Dont get offended get Vigorous!~~~ JONESY 2/20/14

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