Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Headbuttin!

Tuesday Headbuttin and Swami Jonesy has your horoscope for today. Pay attention since I had a dream about the moon urinating on a scared cow while a flounder sodomized a one legged woman with a wiffle ball bat! I have the gift so takes notes. Everyone's horoscope is.......... "Manure sticks to the top of your mouth since most of you live and consume bullshit all the time and you reek what you spew. Jive an Gibberish do not lead to your unfucking just sucks you deeper in that pit of self sodomy most of you are stuck in."........... Live it, learn it, copy it and print it out and slap it on a wall! You control what goes down not some nonsense you read daily. Belief is a strong word but too many of you put your faith in everything else but that person you see in the mirror YESSSSSSSSSS. Become useful in a world full of useless people.~~~JONESY 2/25/14

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