Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday with the extra Hot Slap!

Useless, Weak, Mediocre and Strong. These are the four categories us as individuals fall into as I see it. Doesn't take a scientific study or a bootleg TV show to tell me how it is. It's pretty simple even for the dullards out there. Four levels in life you can either stay on one level and continue upward or just be content to be where you are at. In this day and age of pussification and it's ok to be a loser since no one is a loser in this life. Everyone's a winner and most of you are content to be weak and are proud of it. Maybe a few of you can be mediocre but that might take some effort, less whining and you might get that 9th place ribbon for mediocrity. Some of us get to be strong by putting in the dam work and getting Vigorous when others only do the minimum. People with goals and a plan to get to whatever they need to do most of the time get there. Nothing wrong about being useless, weak and mediocre it's your choice. Whining and complaining is not an exit strategy out of any of them so the sooner you realize that you can get to the unfuckin. The sodomy will end when you wake up and Smell the Vigorous YESSSSSSSSSS.~~~JONESY 2/4/14

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